Joseph’s Grill | St. Paul Restaurant and Bar


We are proud to announce our restaurant is protected with Iso-Aire™ Clean Air Technology.

In fact, Joseph’s Grill is the first restaurant in Minnesota to feature this state-of-the-art, clean air solution developed in our own back yard.


Next time you visit us, you will notice we’ve reserved space for three Iso-Aire units. This low-profile but highly-effective clean air technology filters and clean the air, ultimately improving our indoor air quality by removing and destroying dangerous contaminants and airborne particulates such as particles from viruses, mold and pollen.

Iso-Aire was developed by Chuck Albers and his team at Ducts & Cleats in the Plato Blvd. neighborhood. We are fortunate they chose Joseph’s for one of the first commercial building installations in May 2020.
If you really want to get technical, click here to learn more about Iso-Aire. You’ll read how this clean air technology features dual components that capture 99.99% of harmful particles including a HEPA filter and UV-C sterilization. You can also follow them on Facebook.

We are fortunate to have an Iso-Aire helping to keep the air clean and safe right here at Joseph’s.